About Me

Name: Sauser Christoph
Nickname: Susi, Schmoose
Adress: Grönstrasse 4, 3655 Sigriswil
Date of Birth: 13. April 1976
Birthplace: Sigriswil
Education: Metallurgy Laboratory
Racing Since: 1993
Personal Sponsors: Look Pedals, adidas Eyewear Sponser Nutrition, Maurice Lacroix Watches, TC Thun
Weight: around 68kg
Height: 1.81m
Puls range: 36bpm-185bpm

What Specialized bikes do you ride?
S-Works Carbon Epic and Stumpjumper 29er for racing, S-Works Camber and Enduro 29er for the fun, Tarmac SL4 and Roubaix on the road

What’s your favorite food?
Marroni, fresh bread, pizza, homemade burger. Actually I like anything, it just depends on quality and how it is cooked.

What‘s your favorite fluid?
Water, Draft Beer, Red Wine, Coffee

Any hobbies outside of cycling?
Backcountry Skiing, Reading, Snowboarding, Cooking

If you weren’t a pro mountain bike racer, what would you be?
Pilot, Alpine Skier, Formula One Driver… dream on!

What has been your best riding experience?
Freeriding with backpack from hotels to hotels after the racing seasons. This is a great way to have fun with friends and still being active. Well, it can get also over the top for after season fun. The routes on the hiking maps look always short in time, and we end up riding into the night. The one day years ago we did not find the trail in the darkness any more and it was midnight after we arrived in a small mountain village. Luckily there was something like a holiday apartment we could sleep in. Now I always have a light in the backpack with me!

And the worst?
On a long road trip to Italy I stopped the car near Brescia and went for a road ride. On the way back it got dark, and I did not find my car any more. It was freezing cold, and had to ride in the rush hour without lights. It took me for ever until I found the car again!
In racing, the 2008 World Marathon Championships, a title that was robbed away from me.

Where’s your favorite place to mountain bike?
Alps, Colorado, Monaco

What kind of music’s on your iPod?
Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Akon, Lunik, The Parlotones, Mattafix, The Thing Things, Led Zeppelin. All in all I need a lot of varieties.

What is the best part of racing?
Crossing the finish line first, and seeing an excited team staff and fans!

What is your biggest strengths?
Technical, Mental, Endurance, Experience, Equipment

What is you biggest weaknesses?
Combination of cold and wet weather, explosive, sometimes I almost have a too positive attitude like when it comes to tire choices, or not taking spares with me.

What’s your best idea of having good time?
Being healthy, and independent and living in the mountains. Being active and exploring places.

Why do you ride?
The is no better way to get around in the nature, with friends or alone. The perfect traveling speed. Actually it is amazing how far you can go with a bike in just one day with your own body power only.

Sporting background:

I grew up in a sport oriented family so I had a lot of support and encouragement to participate in many different sports from a young age. Some of my favorite sports when I was young were: rollerhockey, skiing, football and wrestling.

As a child I rode my bike a lot, but only back and forth to school. For me the bike was for transport and not really for pleasure. But I always appreciated that my bicycle was for me an efficient and independent form of transport.

When I saw a mountain bike the first time I got very excited as I could see the big potential of riding off road and having fun on the technical downhills. Before bikes came out with the triple chainring, climbing the steep trails to get to the top of the very fast downhills would have been impossible.

Since I had a long history in competitive sport it was natural for me to wonder what it would be like to race mountain bike.
In ’91 I found some information on a big mountain bike race in Switzerland called the Grand Raid Cristalp. It looked like it was going to be a fun event for my first mountain bike competition. That race is a beautiful ride in the alps with a lot of competitors and for me that was a great experience. So I was excited to race a few more races in ’91 and ’92.

One night in a bar a friend of mine challenged me to apply for a racing license, and he even offered me to find a team to ride for. I started the ’93 season as a member of the Parkpre team. It had just started that year and was perfectly managed. I raced for the Parkpre team for the first five years of my career.

In 1998 an other big dream came through and I signed my first contract with a international team, Diamondback. That year was also the first time I stepped on a world cup podium, I won the U23 Euro Champs, plus finished second at worlds in the same category. I was very happy with my position on the team, but unfortunately the sponsorship situation for the next season was a little bit cloudy.

Lucky for me I had an offer from the number one team in the world in the name of Volvo-Cannondale at the end of the season. This of course was something I was very excited about and I had four great years on this team until 2003.

At that time Volvo pulled out of mtb-racing, but with Siemens-Cannondale I found another great team for the following 3 years, which was controlled under a completely different management. Only the bike was more or less the same.

Now I am going into the 7th year with Specialized Factory Racing team. We are a bunch of great people with the focus of racing and professionalism, but having lots of good fun next to it. With Specialized as such an innovative company we have the very best brand in our hands for winning races and being well promoted. We are Specialized!

Biggest achievements:

Cross Country:

World Champion 2008
Olympic Bronce Sydney 2000
World Cup Champion Overall 2004+2005
14 World Cup Wins
Second World Championships 2005 and 2006
Third World Championships 2001
Second Word Cup Overall 2002, 2003, 2008
6 Times Swiss Champion
European Champion U23 1998
Second World Championships U23 1998


World Champion 2013
World Champion 2011
World Champion 2007
5 Times ABSA Cape-Epic winner 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Second World Championships 2008, 2015
Third World Championships 2014
Third World Championships 2009
European Champion 2014
European Champion 2007


1. ABSA Cape-Epic, RSA
2. Marathon World Championships, ITA
1. Attakwas, RSA
3. Leadville, USA


1. Marathon European Championships, IRL
1. Sea Otter Classic, USA
1. Whiskey 50, USA
1. Bike Four Peaks, AUT
2. Cape-Epic, RSA
2. Leadville 100, USA
3. Marathon World Championships, RSA


1. World Championships, AUT
1. Cape-Epic, RSA
1. Bike Four Peaks, AUT
1. Swiss Championships, SUI
1. IXS Classic, SUI
2. European Championships Singen, GER
2. Leadville 100, USA


1. Cape-Epic, RSA
1. Trans Zollernalp, GER
1. Trans Germany, GER
1. Swiss Championships, SUI
2. Leadville 100, USA
4. Marathon World Champs, FRA


1. World Championships Marathon Montebelluna, ITA
1. ABSA Cape-Epic, RSA
1. Trans Germany, GER
1. IXS Classic Marathon Overall (4 wins), SUI
1. Roc d’Azur Marathon, FRA
3. World Cup Windham, USA
7. Word Cup Overall
8. World Championships Cross Country Champery, SUI


5. World Championships Marathon St.Wendel, GER
4. World Cup Offenburg, GER
4. World Cup Windham, USA
8. World Championships Mont St. Anne, USA
1. Trans Germany, GER
2. ABSA Cape-Epic, RSA


10. World Championships Canberra, AUS
3. World Championships Marathon, Graz, AUT
1. Sea Otter Classic, USA


1. World Championships Cross Country Val di Sole, ITA
4. Olympics Beijing, CHN
2. World Championships Marathon Villabassa, ITA
2. World Cup Champion Overall
1. World Cup Andorra, AND
1. World Cup Schladming, AUT
2. World Cup Offenburg, GER
3. World Cup Fort William, UK
3. World Cup Houffalize, BEL


1. World Championships Marathon Verviers, BEL
1. European Championships Marathon St.Wendel, GER
6. World Championships Fort William, GB
4. European Championships Cappadocia, TUR
3. World Cup Overall
3. World Cup Houfallize, BEL
6. World Cup Offenburg, GER
2. World Cup Champéry, CH
4. World Cup Mt.St.Anne, CAN
2. World Cup Maribor, SLO
1. Nationalpark Marathon Scuol, CH
1. Test Event Beijing, CHN


2. World Championships Rotorua, NZL
2. European Championships Chies d’Alpago, I
1. Swiss Championships Cross Country Savognin, CH
1. Swiss Championships Marathon Einsiedeln, CH
2. World Cup Overall
5. World Cup Curacao, AHO
2. World Cup Madrid, S
7. World Cup Spa, B
7. World Cup Fort William, GB
1. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
1. World Cup Schladming, AUT
1. Roc d’Azur, F
1. SBM Küblis, CH
1. Norba Mount Snow, USA
1. Cape-Epic, RSA


2. World Championships Livigno, It
1. World Cup Overall
4. World Cup Spa, Bel
3. World Cup Madrid, SP
2. World Cup Houffalize, Bel
1. World Cup Willingen, GER
1. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
1. World Cup Angel Fire, USA
2. World Cup Fort William, GB
5. European Championships Kluisbergen, Bel
1. Roc d’Azur, Fr
2. Cape Epic Overall, RSA
1. IXS-Cup, Eiger Bike Challenge, CH
1. IXS-Cup, Estavayer, CH
1. Swisspower Hasliberg, CH


1. World Cup Overall
5. World Cup Madrid, S
2. World Cup Houffalize, B
1. World Cup Fort William, GB
8. World Cup Schladming, AUT
2. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
1. World Cup Calgary, CAN
2. World Cup Livigno, IT
11. World Championships Les Gets, F
DNF Olympics Athens due broken chain
1. Swisspower Cup Overall
1. O-Tour, CH
1. Garda Festival, IT


1. World Cup St.Wendel, GER
4. World Cup Fort William, GB
2. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
6. World Cup Vancouver, CAN
4. World Cup Kaprun, AUT
2. World Cup Overall
14. World Championships Lugano, CH
1. Swiss Championships Küblis, CH
1. European Cup Hasliberg, CH
2. Swiss Cup Overall


7. World Cup Madrid, E
1. World Cup Houffalize, B
dnf World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
2. World Cup Vancouver, CAN
2. World Cup Les Gets, F
2. World Cup Overall
1. Swiss Championships Gossau, CH
5. European Championships Zürich, CH
dnf World Championships due broken derailleur Kaprun, AUT
3. Swiss Cup Wins and Second Overall
1. 360°Sports Festival Telluride


16. World Cup Nappa, USA
13. World Cup Sarentino, I
11. World Cup Houffalize, B
1. World Cup Vancouver, CAN
dnf World Cup Durango, USA
2. World Cup Leysin, CH
17. World Cup Kaprun, AUT
7. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
1. Swiss Championships Einsiedeln, CH
1. European Cup Sigriswil, CH
3. World Championships Vail, USA


23. World Cup Nappa, USA
13. World Cup Mazatlan, MEX
10. World Cup Houffalize, B
8. World Cup St. Wendel, GER
4. World Cup Sarentino, I
2. World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN
9. World Cup Canmore, CAN
7. World Cup Lausanne, CH
5. World Cup Overall
1. Swiss Cup La-Chaux-de-Fonds, CH
1. Swiss Cup Leukerbad, CH
1. Norba Mt. Snow, USA
1. Swiss Championships Gränichen, CH
2. World Championships Team Relais Sierra Nevada, SP
3. Olympic Games Sydney, AU


8. World Cup Napa, USA
4. World Cup Sydney, AUS
13. World Cup San Lorenzo, SP
4. World Cup St. Wendel, GER
2. World Cup Plymouth, GB
1. World Cup Big Bear, USA
4. World Cup Canmore, CAN
22. World Cup Houffalize, B
3. World Cup Overall
1. Swiss Championships Wil
10. World Championships Are, S


3. World Cup Plymouth, GB
9. World Cup Overall
2. U23 Swiss Championships Zürich
1. U23 European Championships U23 Aywaille, B
2. U23 World Championships Mont St. Anne, CAN


1. U23 Swiss Championships Buttes
1. Elite Swiss Cup Overall
5. U23 European Championships Silkeborg, DK
6. U23 World Championships Chateau dOex, CH


1. U23 Swiss Championships Moutier
3. Elite Downhill Swiss Championships Aegeri
2. Elite Downhill Swiss Cup Overall
11. U23 European Championships Bassano del Grappa, I
6. U23 World Championships Cairns, AUS


1. Elite Downhill Swiss Cup Overall
17. Elite Downhill European Championships Spinlermühle, CZ
43. Elite Downhill World Championships Kirchzarten, GER


1. Junior Downhill Swiss Championships Villars
3. Junior Cross Country Swiss Championships, Geneva
10. Junior Downhill World Championships Vail, USA
13. Junior Cross Country World Championships Vail, USA


6. Junior Downhill Swiss Championships-Series
15. Junior Downhill World Championships Métabief, F


Andi Seeli, Nationalcoach
Christoph Sauser, in der Schweizer Bikeszene als Susi genannt war der Aufsteigerder letzten beiden Jahren. Er fällt auf durch seine Lockerheit und durch seine Konstanz.
Er ist immer fröhlich und voller Selbstvertrauen. Trotz seiner grossen Erfolge bin ich überzeugt, dass er sein Zenit noch lange nicht erreicht hat, er wird (oder hat schon) in der Schweiz Thomas Frischknecht ablösen.

Charlie Livermore, Volvo-Cannondale Team Manager
“Christoph is a lion of a competitor dressed in sheep’s clothing…a huge
talent that will one day soon will own the title that truly identifies the
best mountain bike athlete in the world, World Cup Overall Champion.”

Martin Platter, Journalist
After his good results in the XC-worldcup season 1998 and 1999 to say,
Christoph Sauser is a Shooting star, would not correspond to the facts
completely. Sauser was always a very talented rider, since he had begun with
Bike races as a beginner in 1993. Still more than his riding talent impresses
his attitude, how he analyzes and comments humans, things and situations is funny but always fair kind. I would caracterise Christoph as a little shy but a smart human and a rider with his intelligence and kind the talent has the potential to become a genuine champion.

Bruno Diethelm, Team Manager for the first 5 Years
Ich durfte den Aufstieg von Christoph “Susi” während seiner ersten 5 Jahren als lizenzierter Fahrer direkt und hautnah miterleben. Schon zu Beginn seiner erfolgreichen Karriere zeigten sich die grossen Stärken von Susi klar ab. Neben seinem guten Körpergefühl konnte er schon von Anfang an auf seine grosse mentale Stärke und eine hohe Konzententrationsfähigkeit zählen. Diese Fähigkeiten konnte Susi von Jahr zu Jahr, neben seiner körperlichen Leistungsfähigkeit immer weiter verbessern und hat ihn zu dem gemacht, was er jetzt ist – ein Topathlet der MTB Szene. Schon in den ersten Jahren war Susi ein Vorbild für die Teamfahrer und viele anderen Fahrer der Schweiz. Dies ist er, trotz allen seinen grossen Erfolgen geblieben, ein Vorbild und ein Vorzeigeathlet für die Schweiz.
Ich wünsche Susi auf seinem weiteren Weg alles Glück und freue mich auf die nächsten grossen Taten.

Stephanie Graham, Volvo-Cannondale Team Soigneur
“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sauser is that he always has an intelligent sense of humor about him.”
“He is never down for toolong….and he seems to have a built in integrity about him that keeps himfrom living just as a “bike racer”
….he’s a great example of a decent human being”.

Bobby Behan Irish Triathlete
“Christoph or Susi as I have fondly got to know him by, is at the top of his game because of his balanced approach to his athlete’s lifestyle, which is not easy to accomplish. Susi’s schedule involves the use of the latest innovations and methods of training, in conjunction with the discipline not only to work hard but also to adhere to a very strict dietary plan. Susi has belief in himself and his program. Once out of training Susi knows how to relax not stress and simply enjoy life. That’s the key”.