ABSA Cape-Epic, RSA

Date: 17.03.2013 – 24.03.2013

Description: Mountain Bike Stage Race

Since Specialized is doing such good footage of each stage and I am honestly too tired (or lazy?) of writing stories every day, I am only adding the route characteristic and results here.

Check out the link of our videos day by day!

Prologue Meerendal
22km, 700m of climbing, 55.10min
1st place, 1.07min off Multivan Merida

Stage 1, Citrusdal-Citrusdal
96km, 2350m of climbing, 4.34hrs
4th place, 2.43min off Multivan Merida, second GC

Stage 2, Citrusdal-Saronsberg
146km, 2350m of climbing, 5.44hrs
3rd place, 8.44min off Bulls 1, 3rd GC

Stage 3, Saronsberg-Saronsberg
94km, 1950m of climbing, 3.54hrs
2nd place, 46sec off Bulls 1, 2nd GC

Stage 4, Saronsberg-Wellington
120km, 2300m of climbing, 4.33hrs
1st place, 18min ahead of Team Cannondale, 1st GC

Stage 5, Wellington-Wellington
75km, 1800m of climbing, 3.03hrs
1st place, 2.15min ahead of Scott-Swisspower, 1st GC

Stage 6, Wellington-Stellenbosch
99km, 2950m of climbing, 4.30hrs
1st place, 2.38min ahead of Bulls 1, 1st GC

Stage 7, Stellenbosch-Laurensford
54km, 1550m of climbing, 2.27hrs
4th place, 4.59min off Multivan Merida, 2013 WINNERS!

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