Argus Cycle Tour

109km, 1300m of climbing, 2.40h
25th place sprinting with the lead bunch, winner Nolan Hoffmann

Its Argus Cycle Tour time! One of the coolest racing days of the year. To be one of around 40’000 cyclist racing or riding around the Cape. It is the biggest timed race in the world!
We pro/elite start in the first bunch at 6.15 when it is still almost dark. That means getting up 4.45. This year I could hear the wind hailing outside after the alarm woke me up in the deep sleep. Luckily the trees did not hanging “side ways” like in 2009, but it was very strong! I quickly ate two bananas with chocolate powder and yogurt and then it was already go time, for to meet my team mates near the start.
I knew the Tour de Boland will give me good road speed legs and so it did. I probably felt the best ever on this years Argus. On the last climb I even broke away with Darren Lill and a Team Bonitas guy. Unfortunately only Darren and myself were leading along the beach. The Bonitas rider was not allowed to do his turns since he had with Foucher a sprinter and last years winner in his team. What he did not know that Foucher was dropped a long time… For a while I thought we were going to make it, but just before Camps Bay we got chased down by the entire MNT team. I had no chance (well i also rode stupid) in the very windy final sprint. We were only a bunch of around 30 racers at that point any more. Rabon my Cape-Epic partner finished 5th very close of podium. Next year!

After the race we always ride over to the beach for breakfast and beer to finish an other amazing Argus!