Argus MTB Challenge, Stellenbosch/RSA

Date: 02.03.2014

Description: Marathon Race

55km, 1500m of climbing, 2.20h
5th Place, 3min off winner Darren Lill

The change of being in Switzerland for almost the whole of February was really cool! Good snow in the mountains for backcountry skiing and mild down at the lakes and flatlands for cycling. I never had to wear the very warm boodies once.

Now back in the beautiful Western Cape, South Africa. Travels went not so smooth with a short visit in Windhoek, Namibia first…. When we were almost about to land in Cape Town we had to fly all the way back to Windhoek for fuel. Cape Town had a shortage of it, so we had to juice to plane up, that it could fly back in the evening to Switzerland again.

Training wise I took it pretty easy for the last few days. I knew the Argus MTB will be a short and fast race.
On race day we rode to the start still in the darkness. How I love riding from home to the start line. All easy!
The racing then was less easy since we started full gas from the beginning to the end, plus we also added an extra steep asphalt climb into our race! We took a wrong turn because of really bad signing and a sleeping marshall! We lost the race right there.

It was Kevin Evans, James Reid, Johan Rabie and myself leading at that point. We kept on racing, but I must say my spirit was slightly gone, since the win was out of reach. With about 7km to go I also had a flat tire, but it was a quick fix and I was off again.
Darren Lill and Charles Keey were the only guys we could not catch any more. Those boys were the only pros who stayed on the right track and did not do that extra turn. Clever boys!

Now rest day this Monday before the Tour de Boland starts. A four day stage race close to Stellenbosch.

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