BMC Cup, Solothurn/SUI

Date: 10.05.2014

Description: Cross Country Race

7 laps, 40km, 950m of climbing, 1.33h
8th place, 59sec down to winner Nino Schurter

Solothurn is a super fast race in the BMC Cup Series. Asphalt out the city-climb-fast downhill-asphalt back to the finish.
The atmosphere is awesome because the race is together with the one and only bike festival in Switzerland. So a lot of spectators are always guaranteed!

Since my return from America I felt pretty tired and I was not on a serious training regime. More and less playing around with my bikes doing more muscle workouts then hard rides. I was really excited racing here in Solothurn though, since it is a good course for me and one of the only cross country races in my schedule.

I had surprisingly a very good start, but only for one minute long. Going down some stairs I dropped my chain, so I had to stop and swear first, before getting the thing on my blade again. The “fast train” was gone at that time already. I ended up racing hard during the flat fast section almost every lap by myself. The only way to make up places and time. The positive about today’s race has been that my last four lap times were more and less identic to winners Nino Schurter, just racing at a different position.

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