BMC Racing Cup Gränichen, SUI

Date: 17.06.2012

Description: XCO Race

8 laps, 1.44h racing time
12th place, 4.22min off winner Nino Schurter

My race story is quickly written down… I was just tired from A-Z! I was not not recovered from my Trans Germany effort and I should have taken it easier during the week. At least I was making up a few places during the race, but after my chainsuck I lost most of them again.

The highlight of today was definitely the evening in Zürich. The most beautiful summer day. Lake was pretty warm and the Sushi with the cold white wine went down very well.
I spend the night at a airport hotel where the aircon was missing big time. Hope the trip to Canada is going to be smooth and no big queues at customs…

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