BMC Racing Cup Schaan, FL

Date: 07.04.2013

Description: Cross Country

9 laps, 1.34h racing time
8th place, 1.47min off winner Nino Schurter

I arrived back in Switzerland on Thursday after the ABSA Cape-Epic. My days in South Africa have been busy and I did not even had the time to feel tired of it.
Meerendal wine estate (host of the prologue) organized a incredible evening (more about it in my next blog in a few days) two days after the Epic, plus I had to get many things sorted out before I left my second home Stellenbosch for more then half a year. Once I was back in Switzerland I caught up with lots of sleep and the weather was just made for it. Cold, snowy and rainy. Unfortunately now I would like to change it for riding friendly conditions again!
It was really really cold at the BMC Cup on Sunday. Luckily it was dry, otherwise I would have been a softy and I would not even taken part of it.

I was really surprised how well I started into the race, since it was more a training race. Although I knew that during the race I will give a 100% for sure. My descending was more then poor though… It was almost embarrassing at some point holding up riders behind me or getting passed. After 4 months riding and racing my full suspension Epic bike in South Africa in completely dry conditions I was just not used to European soil and hard tail any more. Or thats what I hope so and I will improve until Sea Otter Classic, starting in two weeks time.

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