BMC Racing Cup Solothurn, SUI

Date: 05.05.2012

Description: XCO Race

7 laps, 1.37h racing time
3rd place, 24sec behind Nino Schurter

For the last two weeks I more and less trained the following: warm up-sprints-ride home! The key for getting into Cross Country shape after the Cape-Epic!

Today I felt really good from A-Z, except the muddy steep running section was not my gusto. There every lap I lost a few seconds, but I could always close it again. Unfortunately not at the last lap any more. At that point it was only Nino, Moritz and myself racing for the win. Nino had the best punch up that section and made the successful move.

Now the last two Olympic qualifier World Cups are knocking on the door. They always have been my big goal next to the the Cape-Epic for the beginning of the season. I really want to go for my fourth Olympics!

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