BMC Racing Cup Solothurn, SUI

Date: 04.05.2013

Description: Cross Country

7 laps, but only races 5 of it.
DNF due broken chain

It was actually dry sky wise, but the heavy rain from the day and night before made the course slick and very muddy and some sections.

My tire choice was Fast Track front and Renegade rear in S-Works compound. Like this I had awesome rolling on the asphalt which covered probably 30% of the course, plus great traction on the front in the downhills. Also due the lower knobs the tires got less heavy in the uphills, good cleaning but still enough traction.

I had a good start off the line, but going up a very steep ramp out of the stadium I had to get off my bike behind Milatz, who could not ride it. There I lost many places, but I fought my way back to the front and quite quickly a leading bunch got formed with Absalon, Schurter, Vogel and myself. I always lost time in the running section which was the hardest part for me. I managed to chase those lost seconds back in the downhill or the following flat part. With two laps to go I unfortunately broke my chain on Absalon’s wheel. I am not carrying a chain tool in a cross country race and unfortunately it happened very far from the tech zone so I was out. It was really frustrating since I missed all the real final action. At least I had the showers almost for myself and those were pretty clean still, but not so much after I left with more dirty riders pulling in.

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