BMC Racing Cup Tesserete, SUI

Date: 22.04.2012

Description: XCO Race

1 start plus 6 laps, 1.46h racing time
2nd place, 1.05min behind winner Moritz Milatz

It is a traditional race in the Swiss racing calendar, but I was a newbie to it. I wish I would have brought my full suspension Epic bike. All the climbs were pretty technical, so as the downhills. Roots everywhere! The most difficult were the transitions from dry sections into slippery roots, deep mud wholes and a running part.

Moritz was in control of the race! At the top of the second lap I was almost on his wheel again, but I lost the contact in the downhills towards the start/finish. I really struggled with the conditions for the first two laps, and then the last lap was crash festival. It started when I wanted to sprint into a uphill. I hit a rock with my pedal and I hit the ground salto style. After that my rear brake was bend, so the following crashed were pre programmed. I almost gave my second place away to a very strong Martin Fanger.

I really enjoyed racing in Switzerland again. It was a great weekend in the Italian speaking part. Which brought a glimpse of holiday feeling to it!

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