Cape Argus Cycle Tour, RSA

Date: 13.03.2011

Description: Biggest road race in the world, 35’000 entries!

110km, 2.30hrs, 1150m of climbing
around 25th place in mass sprint

The Cycle Tour is the world championships of Africa, and for me the cooles road race I’ve ever done and I ever will do again!

The whole city is on two wheels already days before. No wonder when there are 35’000 starters… The biggest timed cycling race in the world!

Burry and I tried to shake up thinks a little on the last climb, and we broke away in a group of 10. Unfortunately not far to the finish we got caught again.

Morning preparation: 4.30 wake up, grapefruit, packing, checking bike, super dark hot choc with 2 ts of 100% baking chocolate and espresso in it, 10min ride to start, oat bar, number plates on, off to the line.

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