Cape Cobra Challenge Cape Town, RSA

Date: 22.01.2012

Description: Road Race

85km, 2.13hrs
8th place around 1.30′ down to winner Darren Lill

I was really excited for this road race since there was a mountain top finish, plus the route was spectacular through the most beautiful parts of the Cape. The final climb was not very steep, but around 30km before the finish we had to race up a switchback climb which was super steep and on concrete. On my racing wheels I used a 11-25 cassette which made me almost cry at the end of the climb. I really missed my 27, since I like to spin the gears. After I changed my attitude and looked at it as a low cadence power workout I was almost fine again!
But that climb was not the real decider, before we broke away a 14 man group. Bonitsa (RSA’s best road team) attacked in our breakaway non stop, and they’re fastest man Darren Lill rode us off and soloed alone to the finish…
I was pulling a little on the last climb, but if you don’t have the real attacking power, then forget it! So as in the final sprint…. I was really happy with my first race of the season though. I pushed 270 wattages average.

From the finish line we cruised down in the mist towards Camps Bay for hitting the beach with a very deserved late breakfast. Not sure if it was my appetite, but those scramble eggs with salmon tasted the best ever!

Name: Race Time: Position: Gender: Gender Position: Start Group: Group Position: Age Group: Age Position: Avg. Speed:
Lill, Darren (Bonitas) 2:10:11 32/1141 M 27/993 EL 1/98 M 30-34 3/112 39.18
Rabie, Johann (Bonitas) 2:11:55 33/1141 M 28/993 EL 2/98 M Elite 1/70 38.66
McLeod, Ian (Bonitas) 2:12:10 34/1141 M 29/993 EL 3/98 M 30-34 4/112 38.59
Fouche, Herman (Bonitas) 2:12:11 35/1141 M 30/993 EL 4/98 M Elite 2/70 38.58
Ihlenfeldt, Stefan (Smith & Assosiate) 2:12:30 36/1141 M 31/993 EL 5/98 M U23 2/56 38.49
Venter, Jaco (NuWater/CTM) 2:12:31 37/1141 M 32/993 EL 6/98 M Elite 3/70 38.49
Keey, Charles 2:12:37 38/1141 M 33/993 EL 7/98 M Elite 4/70 38.46
Sauser, Christoph 2:12:50 39/1141 M 34/993 EL 8/98 M 35-39 4/188 38.39
Munnik, Oliver 2:12:51 40/1141 M 35/993 EL 9/98 M Elite 5/70 38.39
Garrett, David (Daikin GU) 2:12:52 41/1141 M 36/993 EL 10/98 M 35-39 5/188 38.38

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