Challenge Boschendal

66km, 1800m of climbing, 2.40hrs racing time
Unofficial first place, around 1min ahead of Matthys Beukes

Ok todays results needs some explaining because we ended up having two different top three podiums with flowers, price money and all the tralalala.

We were around 10 riders who got lost and finally ended up taking a short cut.
It was probably a little bit after mid way when the leading motorbike could not ride over 3 big wood logs lying in high grass. That took some time to discuss it out if we were right or not, but we went on. Erik Kleinhans was in our group too but he had to fix a loose bolt on his bike and got dropped after we jumped those wood logs. We then rode to a top gravel road where we expected the right route and so we did. Erik although and all the rest of the field behind us found the original markers and had to do an other steep climb which we skipped. Erik rode very strong and still caught a lot of riders of our group. So it was fair and cool from the organizers to make two podiums. The short cutters and the originals!

I won my race in the last 12km where I pushed very hard in a sandy section. It was hot and I only had two small bottles to drink, not enough for a longer race like this.

I am now taking it easy, except Wednesday and Thursday. On one days I will do power workouts and on the other threshold training. Already really looking forward to Sunday’s Cape Argus, one of my favorite races in the whole year.

Check out the pictures in Link 1