Columbia Grape Escape Boschendal

Thursday Stage 1
78km, 1700m of climbing, average speed 25.5km/h
4th place, 12sec down to winner Tim Böhme

I was really glad that racing started and I don’t have to push myself in training any more. I am definitely a racer and like the extra excitement compare to training. But that also means I have to get up here every day around 4.45am. Racing in South Africa means early wake ups. Regular start time is 7.00. I don’t mind because it is nice to see the sun rising plus also you can take it easy in the afternoon and catch up with sleep.

Today I unfortunately took a wrong turn with about 1km to go. At that stage I was in the lead together with Tim Böhme. He was not as stupid as I have been and followed the right track. I had to jump some bushes and a small wall to get on track again. He was gone but I caught his chasers and at the end I did not loose too much time for the overall.

Friday Stage 2
60km, 1800m of climbing, average speed 19.3km/h
29th place, 30min down to winner Urs Huber

A day of single track, which I was looking forward to it, and obviously I wanted to get those twelve seconds or more back again. It did not happen! My cassette came loose and the nut/bolt started to rub on my rear end. Before I realized it I suffered like an old dog! I only realized it after I got dropped on the one climb and I hardly could not turn the rubbing wheel any more. Poor me… I hand fixed it and could keep on riding until it always came loose again. I was so looking forward to that first tech zone! After that I rode steady and unmotivated to the finish.

Saturday Stage 3
70km, 1800m of climbing average speed 24.4km/h
1st place, 8sec ahead of Philip Buys

I broke away in a technical single trail with about 20km to go. I doubt I would have made it without the help of Philip Buys. We worked very well together on all the flat parts of the race. Just before the finish it was sandy and slightly uphill and that is where I could make the 8sec difference for my sweet win.

I definitely have never been in such good shape like at this year’s Grape Escape. Well I have to, because the ABSA Cape-Epic starts s a week earlier the previous ones.

The races were perfectly organized be the Cape Town Cycle Trust, the organizer of the biggest timed cycle race in the world, the Argus Cycle Tour. Around 40’000 riders tackle the beautiful roads in Cape Town. I already cant wait for next Sunday to race it!

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