Cross Country World Championships Saalfelden, AUT

Date: 08.09.2012

Description: XCO Race

1 start plus 8 laps, 1.45h racing time
16th place, 4.42min off winner Nino Schurter

For the first 3 laps I really felt the pain of racing and towards the end I started to feel very good. I just seen that I pulled off two very fast laps last laps which were even much quicker then the first once. That is the most positive about my raving today. I was struggling with a broken left pedal which I crashed on a rock in lap one. I could not pull any more because it made me to slip off the pedal the whole time. I was racing in a Spanish sandwich with Hermida, Colomas and Lejarreta for almost the entire race. Cheese agains paella… unfortunately not for the win! It was awesome to see my country mens taking one, two and three on the podium! Well done boys!!

This was my 20st. world championships and last Cross Country. Thanks to everybody who made my carrier so long and so enjoyable. I had a very special crowd behind me for the whole week and got some very cool presents like a special World Champ jersey from the UCI, a item basket from Swiss Cycling or a ipad3 from Specialized. Thanks a million!

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