Dent de Morcles


It was still early morning when I left home on my Stumpjumper trail bike. My goal was the mountain ridge of Dent du Morcles, the mountain in the horizon on the picture above.

I knew the ridable climb up to 2200m, but then I had no idea how the hiking or climbing trail up to Col de Martinets will look like. I did a short research on a map and google earth. It looked quite scary, especially the mountain ridge I had to cross over to an other pass, before dropping down and over to my bike again.

Here my Strava link: (it did not record the hiking section properly)

dsc01207 dsc01215

First section up Col Martinets

dsc01231 img_2274

Top of Col Martinests

dsc01223 dsc01227 dsc01232 dsc01229 dsc01230 dsc01238

Crossing the mountain ridge. It was crazy to see some second world war bunkers up there with the cooking, heating and sleeping facilities still in there. At some point the path was almost gone and I must admit I had my heart in my pants!

dsc01243 dsc01244 dsc01246 dsc01272 dsc01245

Sorry no bike pictures from my last descent down. I hope you for once you enjoy seeing some pictures to what is going on next to a trail in the forest.


Almost back home and looking back to Dents de Morcle.


Home! 🙂

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