Leadville100 focus is on! It is the biggest MTB race in America. The course and town is held more and less everything above 3000 meter above sea level!!! That means you definitely want to adapt to the lack of oxygen before hand. At the moment I am sleeping on the Niederhorn mountain hotel for one week. A super beautiful mountain near by. To ride slow up there takes not longer then 1.5h, or with car and cable cabin only half hour. It is more then peaceful up here.
Next Tuesday I will drive to Val d’Isère for world cup finals, which luckily is in altitude as well. It is going to by my last world cup ever! The first one was back in 1993. That makes me feel old instantly when I see that nineteenninety number! Now don’t make me write something sentimental about it… I might do something after the race. But why to look back when we move forward?
After the world cup I am leaving with Paddy (mechanic) and Gavin (soigneur) to Breckenridge for one week and the following to Leadville. Breckenridge is the same hight then Leadville but has much better accommodation, plus it is good for the moral to change the training area after one week. Roads are pretty limited in America’s altitude.

The pictures are all taken from my altitude home