It’s been a great week for the team and myself!
Eat well, sleep well, train well… was more and less the theme.

The course was closed until Thursday because of all the heavy rain the weekend before. The security here is going by the plan and rules, and they are sticking strict to the training times by the second!
The track is really fun to ride, except the one rock garden. Even riding that thing with the perfect line you hit some big rocks no matter what. It is a course like Offenburg, except the major climb here is longer.

Next to our hotel is a huge shopping mall, where we are eating basically every lunch and dinner. I have never ever eaten in so many chain restaurants in my whole life. The places you would never join in Stellenbosch. But now with the “Butcher Block” we found Specialized favorite!

Have a look at the link below. Some really cool pictures from Greg Beadle of the Cape-Epic. Behind the scene of 36ONE SONGO SPECIALIZED team

Link 1