Elsa Bike Trophy, Estavayer le Lac/SUI

Date: 08.06.2014

Description: Marathon Race

60km, 1790m of climbing, 2.23h racing time, 26km/h average speed
First Place, 1.06min ahead of Reto Indergand

Traveling is never easy… especially after a stage race transferring to the next one! I decided to fly from Münich to Zürich and then driving from there to Estavayer. While I was still in my car at midnight the other guys were sleeping already. Finally at 01.00 I was in bed too.
The Elsa Bike is one of my favorite Marathons in Switzerland. Not too long, many short climbs, left & right, just perfect for my racing style and also after a stage race with loooong climbs. Europeans and Worlds will have a similar profile like Elsa too.

Already during the warm up I felt very well, not those acidic legs which you can sometimes have after a stage race.
I was happy the beginning speed was not too crazy for the first half hour, so that gave me some time to get into it. We were a group of around 8 riders. I quickly could see that favorite Huber is struggling but on the other hand BMC’s Indergand is looking strong. With about 20 or 15km to go I tried to increase the pace especially up the climbs. At the end it was just Indergand and myself racing for the win on this hot summer day. Indergand is not used to race for more then 1.30hrs since he is a XCO gun. Lucky for me and my diesel engine! On the last 10km I was by my own racing in front time trialling to the finish.

Both the Four Peaks and Elsa Bike had a huge increase of starters. 25% more at Four Peaks and Elsa Bike had 6 start numbers left only!

Big thanks to every single person who has been involved in this week’s racing week with all this wins. I am definitely on the right path for the very big upcoming races!

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