Elsa Bike Trophy Estavayer, SUI

Date: 12.06.2011

Description: Marathon Race

1 lap, 2.18hrs racing time
1st place, almost 5min ahead of Friedrich Dähler

The Elsa Bike Trophy is becoming a tradition in my racing calendar. Not only because I love the race, much more also because friends and I are making a mini holiday out of it.
The town Estavayer is a beauty!
It is only 1h from my home away, but we are going there already the day before.

The racing preparation is quite relaxed. 1h before the start it is still coffee & pastry time outside a bakery. It seems this preparation is working well for me, since I won the last four times, although I never felt super fast at the start.

I more and less rode two third of the race by myself in front. Great to be on a super fun course then! Lots of single trails with flow, not too long climbs and great spectators which a lot of them having a bbq next to the course! I did not have the confidence to stop though, since I had no idea how far the chasing group has been behind me, so I kept on eating my Sponser gels, which obviously was the winning strategy! 🙂

Now everything for marathon world champs. Some very hard training days are awaiting for me. Luckily I made a good break after Trans Germany. In those five days after, I have been riding only 3 hours.

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