Extreme sur Loue, FRA

Date: 02.10.2011

Description: Marathon Race

88km, 3000m of climbing, 4.59hrs racing time
43rd place, 1.01h off winner Urs Huber

It was not a good day racing wise, but other then that it was a fun weekend!

Ornans is close to Switzerland and hosting the World Marathon Championships next year. So I did not wanted to miss out to see the course under racing conditions. Well the first half it was great racing, but then after my flat tires I ended up asking for tubes and co2. Luckily with Thomas Stoll and Friedrich Dähler I found good company to still ride to the finish. Although once Friedrich got a other flat after a other we had to leave him behind.
I must say the girlfriend of Thomas showed endurance too. She made us feel like we are still racing, because she still drove to the feed zones helping us out with bottles, tubes and co2. She must be a nurse or something when she is not at the races!?

I definitely will race my Cape-Epic tire setup at Worlds next year. Renegade Control instead of Renegade Sworks!

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