Fairview Attakwas Extreme, Outdshoorn/RSA

Date: 18.01.2014

Description: Marathon Race

120km, 2700m of climbing, 4.54hrs
Second Place, 6.36min behind winner Urs Huber

First race of the season and a monster of a race! You might think 120km is not that crazy, but here in South Africa it is much more about the surface then the length or meters of climbing of a race!
Attakwas offers everything, from smooth gravel roads, to river crossings, sand, mud holes, big rocks, loose rocks, bushes, cow shit and what ever.

I am back into a good training routine since mid December here in Stellenbosch/South Africa. Sometimes the legs spin like a oiled turbo machine but then are days where you just don’t even want to think about riding, but all in all everything is going very well and I can feel that I am getting in good shape. Not enough to win Attakwas though. Urs was stronger at the end of the rough Attakwas valley. Like 45seconds or so, but that was enough that i could not close the gap on the last 2hrs on the open fire roads in the head wind any more. Well I lost much more time actually and with that that my legs too. Racing all alone having no chance to win and also nobody in sight at the rear, where i could get some slipstream. I must say I was more then happy after I crossed the line.

All in all it was a super fun weekend! We were a bunch of good friends going up to the race, waking up at 4.30am. I made a huge pan of oatmeal but at the end we did not eat a third of it. I think it was more the early morning then the nervosity.

Also it was the first race of my new team mate Rabon Frantisek. Franti is coming from the road (HTC/Quick Step) It was his fist real mtb race and he did so well. Sprinting for third against Karl Platt. I am sure the next time he will winl the sprint finish, or I hope so! 🙂
Also our strongest songo.info kid Sipho Madalo was a huge champ out there. Finishing the race in 31st. place, riding the last 30km without derailleur. Never give up! Sipho used his mechanical skills to make a single speed out of his Specialized bike.

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Photos by Zoon Cronje