Four Peaks, GER/AUT

Date: 04.06.2014 – 07.06.2014

Description: Marathon Stage Race

4 Stages of total 275km, 9’212m of climbing, 11.19h racing time
First place overall, (3 stage wins) 3min ahead of Kristian Hynek

It was a race on a very high level, with lots of climbing and some very cool trails. With Hynek, Lakata, Kaufmann, Käss, Mennen most of the top marathon riders were at the start and everyone arrived with his A game! Comparing the same climbs which we raced last year too on Strava, we mostly raced 30-45″ faster uphill. Competition raises the game and it is important to face it, especially with upcoming Europeans and World Champs.

Day one I won the sprint against Hynek and Kaufmann, and in the following two I always attacked around 1km before the summit to have a gap going into the final last downhill. I was by far the best descender and made about 80% of the final 3min winning lead in the descents. This is basically “free” time!

On the final stage at the last climb I could not keep up with the storming pace of Kaufamann any more, so as Hynek and Käss pace was too much as well. Ok, my mind was also already in tomorrows IXS Classic race in Switzerland and I did not wanted to race in the red zone for too long, since I knew I can close the gap again in the downhill to the finish.
At the end Käss won the stage by a few seconds ahead of Hynek and myself.

It was awesome to win this race for the 5th time in a row, but even more, knowing that I am in perfect shape for the very big ones in one and three weeks.

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