From cold to hot

Before I arrived in beautiful South Africa for Attakwas Extreme I spend a month in Switzerland. The first weeks have been mild and super dry, the other two snowy and very very cold. Luckily I am a very good “adapter” to cold or heat. This is how January in Switzerland looked like before I left to RSA:

Despite the Swiss Winter I did not have to make any compromise, except choosing the routes very well. For example after a long climb you want to descent a steep fast road or a single trail for not getting too cold. Every day my shape improved and I knew I was in good condition¬†for Attakwas Extreme, probably the hardest one day race in South Africa. I was super surprised how well it went though. That I could come back after fixing a mechanical -loosing 5min- and still winning it in front of Hynek and Platt made me realize that I am on good track for the Cape-Epic! Also super cool that my kids -which are preparing for the Cape-Epic too- did they’re first long distance race and they did so well finishing together in around 7hrs. Many thanks to Dryland Management for the help and commitment towards Songo and the perfect organized event!

(pictures by Ewald Sadie and Dryland)

Already a week after Attakwas I planned to be on the start line again, this time for the Ashburton National Series opener in Grabouw. On one hand I wanted to do very well in Grabouw and on the other I did not feel to compromise too much, by holding back in training for the “bigger picture” the Cape-Epic. I found a ok compromise, but going to the GYM the day before the race was a little bit too much. My legs were very sore and I got dropped mid race over the KOM. I did not stop to grab a bottle at that point¬†taking the risk of racing with one small water bottle for the entire 3hrs. The balance between dehydration and getting body lighter must have been still in balance, since more and more riders got dropped and I could still hang on. I did not feel much better, but I kept on fighting, it was a head game! At the end it was Max Knox and myself sprinting for the win, with me as the lucky winner.

(Pictures by Zoon Cronye Photography)

Looking forward to two more weeks of training and racing Tankwa Trek at the end of it!


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