Grape Escape Cape Town, RSA

Date: 01.03.2012 – 03.03.2012

Description: Mountain Bike Stage Race

3 Stages, 3 Wins
a few minutes ahead of Team Bulls 1

Burry Stander and I raced it as a team together. It was a little Cape-Epic pre showdown with having the Bulls and 360life teams at the start, but pre showdowns are not more then “pre”. Only the big races count! It was cool though that i performed well in my first mtb races. As far as I remember it is the first time ever I got my legs around for the season opener. Especially good since I only arrived a few days before from the Swiss winter. Probably it was the pressure I had from Burry… team racing!
By the way Ralf Näf and Max Know raced as individual, and I must mention that they dropped us on day two. To my excuse there was no pressure since they raced not in our category 🙂

I did not mind to wake up every day before 5am for the 7am starts. In Switzerland I always had to drag myself outside and I always left a hour or two later then I wanted. So it was great to have a start time pressure and riding into the sunrise. There was plenty of time to catch up with sleep in the afternoon before my massage from Piet. After every massage I went for a 30min recovery ride, which I actually really enjoyed, especially it was a good reason to drink a coffee before it.

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pictures by Karin Schermbrucker

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