Grape Escape, RSA

Date: 04.03.2011 – 06.03.2011

Description: Mountain Bike Stage Race

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Definitely I did not have the fire and power to stay with the best boys of today, but I must say my head was also not into it, and the course did not help eater. There was no caracter to it, since we were doing zig zag all over, and not going anywhere really.
But still I had a good organized training day. Luckily it was not so hot like the other two days, where my Garmin showed a constant temperature over 40 degrees!

After yesterday’s “puncture festival” it was good to race again, although the very heavy tire experience did not feel so good today…

Yesterday I rode into a bed of thorns, and I lost my tire sealant and sure the air with it! When you have to change from sealant system to tube then the real kak begins with the more upcoming thorns. I probably change up to 10 tubes in the African heat! Thanks so much for Bobby who stayed with me for the entire race, with his great humor and big pump! We were out there more then 5hrs, which 1.5h of it must have been fixing time.

Today’s Saturday stage it came down to a sprint finish, which Carl Platt won ahead of Burry my team mate. I tried my best to light up the sprint for Burry, but the non rolling grass sprint obviously suited Karl better, or he just had more power left!

Instead of yesterday’s Renegade 480g tire, I was racing with Fast Track LK 640g. I could really feel the difference, and that difference did not feel good. Rolling and weight wise. Tomorrow I will try the compromise: Fast Track LK 520g!

I keep you posted!