Iron Bike Einsiedeln, SUI

Date: 25.09.2011

Description: Marathon Race

101km, 3600m of climbing, 4.15hrs
First place, 3min ahead of Florian Vogel

It was a double victory. First of all the win today, plus also the IXS overall, which is the Swiss Marathon Series.

“Hat off” to Lukas Buckli who was not afraid to suffer today! He pulled off a attack right away after the start! It was one of many opportunities to finish around 1.30min ahead of me, for taking over the overall win by himself.
He was always a good minute or two in front, but since with Vogel, Bucher and Stoll I had strong riders surrounded myself. I knew when it comes to the flat section in the middle of the race, we are first of all faster, plus we are going to save energy as well. So that lazy plan looked very good to me for catching up with Buchli. And so it came… I felt really good, especially when all the action came to play. I could even drop Vogel, Bucher and Stoll before I rode up to Huber. No wonder he was very tired and luckily for me he could not hold my pace.

On a nice autumn day (last year it snowed) the “Iron Bike” is one of the most beautiful and traditional (since 15 years) marathons in Switzerland.

By the way a big thanks to Martin Platter, our flying journalist/photographer who always follows us on his trial bike. We racers might be probably better bike handlers then him, but he’s business is to make us look good on the pictures and write the good stories.
I am pretty sure Martin was the first journalist who took a picture of me when I started in 1993 and it even got published. A portrait on the national team, when I was fist year junior.

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All pictures by (Martin Platter)