IXS Cup Bergi Bike Bulle, SUI

Date: 23.06.2013

Description: Marathon Race

79km, 24440m of climbing, 2.29h
First place, 41 sec ahead of Jérémy Huguenin

No idea why, but my head was so sure we will have a sunny, warm and dry race. I did not even checked the weather forecast. Also our hotel room was so hot. When I woke up before 6am I was considering it is warm outside too even early in the morning. I did not even bring a vest or using a under jersey.

Exactly when we started the race mister or misses rain also decided to start, but obviously from the top down. We first had to ride from the bottom up to La Berra (1700m). I was already pretty cold while riding up there and I tried to avoid the thoughts of how cold I am going to be on the way down. I wish I would have had arm warmers and a vest with me. Luckily the real rain stopped on the bottom of the downhill and with the time I got warmer, but never comfortable since it was pretty windy too.

Luckas Buchli broke away in that main downhill, Gujan, Huguenin and myself chasing. It took us probably 20′ and the race was open agian after we caught Buchli. Battling the second main obstacle I increased the tempo and from there on I lead the race until the finish. Not alone though, since there was a lot of traffic from the riders who started the shorter distance. It is always a fine line of still passing them before it gets narrow or in a single trail. I definitely did not wanted to crash out so close before marathon world champs!

All in all it was a nice event with lots of riders and a well balanced course. A long major climb, smaller hills, single trails, forest and open spots. I wish we would have had great views plus man and machine arrived clean and dry at the finish!

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