January advice: how to keep your feet warm

If you ride your bike in the winter then you must know how it feels to have cold feed. Not good!! With the following tips I hope I can help you to keep them warm or at least warmer.


Worst case scenario is getting your feed wet in the winter like what happened on the picture above. Fresh snow on the road which got melted due the sun and the added salt on it. It becomes like riding through an ice river… Guaranteed your feed will get wet & cold even with the best booties and fenders.

You have two options… one: ride as fast as you can for to get home quickly as possible, but getting the whole shot of splashing water all over you OR ride just as slow that the water does minimum damage but being out there much longer. I prefer the whole shot!


Shoe setup:

  1. Tape off the vents on your shoes
  2. Add a thin isolated inner sole. You can buy it at any good shoe store. If you have enough space in your shoe, still add your normal inner sole on top of it.
  3. Dont tight your shoes hard! I often realize when I have cold feed I only have to open the boa dial a little and quickly my feed become warm again. Boa dials are so handy because you can operate them even with the shoe covers on.
  4. A very good pair of shoe covers are prizeless! I prefer our Specialized Element Windstopper. (see picture below) They are cut perfectly with a high ankle finish, solid made with tow & heel reinforcement plus easy to get in and out. Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-17 um 08.16.07
  5. Bring two plastic bags with you, in case of emergency! If the road becomes very wet you can add them over or underneath the shoe cover. 100% water proof especially if you tape it off totally above your ankles so no water runs down into your sox and shoes!

Have a good ride!

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