Leadville 100, USA

Date: 10.08.2013

Description: Marathon Race

167km, 3000m of climbing, 6.05h, 27.5km/h average speed
Second Place, 1.05min down to winner Alban Lakata

I would really like to win this race one day… I already felt so much better compare to last year but Alban was stronger again. We smashed Levi Leipheimers record time by almost 12minutes, but I rather prefer to pass the finish line in first, then being in the books of the second fastest Leadville racer ever.

My lead up to the race was more then perfect. I almost had 24h care with living in a great house in Breckenridge and Copper Mountain together with our soigneur Christine, mechanics Paddy and Eric plus Jb our videographer. Thanks for that supper support you guys! I more and less only had to ride my bike, eat and sleep. There was definitely no excuse before, during or after the race.
My team mates Todd Wells and Rebecca Rush preferred to stayed in Leadville the week leading up the race. I really like that town! If you would take away the cars and paved roads, Leadville would still look like a real “wild west” town back in the days, but unfortunately accommodation is not the best there.

You might be wondering why we rode our new aero Evade helmet in a mountain bike race!? It was definitely not a marketing gag and we were forced to ride it!
Specialized simulated the Leadville race conditions in its brand new wind tunnel. The numbers were significant pro aero helmet. About 1.20min faster or energy saving. I believe in aerodynamics in marathon racing with longer flat sections, like the course Leadville offers. The helmet is also super quiet, still very well vented and light.

It was the first time I was racing the new 2014 Stumpjumper hard tail and Roval wheels. It was an extra motivation boost! I did not know that a hard tail can be so comfortable to ride, but still having the right pedaling stiffness. The engineers pushed that bike to an other level! I can not wait to race it at the Grand Raid in two weeks again. More about the bike check link 2.

Have a look at the Specialized footage in link 1!

More information link

Link 2