Leadville100, USA


(same as cyclingnews.com diary)

My 14th place at the world cup in Val d‘Isère was more and less what I expected. Three mention worth facts during the race: my superman crash lap two, a bee stung in my tongue, plus the lack of oxygen increased our breathing but down sized our speed. After a sip of drink i was always worries I turned asthmatic! Wondering how I will cope with Leadville‘s altitude which is a other 1000m higher then Val d‘Isère, plus we will race over 6hrs.

Well now more and less I know. I just finished some power workouts here in Breckenridge which is at the same altitude as Leadville just a valley further east.
Training is like a roller coaster. At some stages I feel super good, then a few minutes later I just want to lay down flat next to my bike…. My heart is pumping so intense at heart rate 150 that it almost want to pop out my throat.

Riding here in Breckenridge is flip‘n awesome! My favorite is the Colorado trail. One day when I am big I will do the whole thing, all the way from Denver to Durango. More and less 750km sweet single trail!

What is very unique and great to see is that so many families with small kids riding the bike pats here. It is seriously busy! If I ride fast I have to ride on the main roads, otherwise it becomes like a slalom race. I did not expected such big family cycling in America. It would be also nice to see bikes used for shopping or commuting to work, instead of hopping into a V8 Chevy Truck mostly just for moving a 80kg human body around…

Training wise I am doing two long rides of 5 and 6hrs and the rest more quality with 5x6min power workouts and longer progressive sprints with 1min recovery in between. I will end up training 20h this week, and the week leading up Leadvil

le around 8hrs.