Marathon European Championships Singen, GER

Date: 10.05.2015

Description: Marathon Race

2 laps, 98km, 2800m of climbing
did not finish due broken shock

Luckily this race was not marked deep red in my calendar, but obviously I wanted to defend my title on this super fast course without any technical sections. I also like those courses. Drafting, tactical, lots of rhythm changes and at end also hard since it is 2800m of climbing.

No idea why I had a first flat tire 5min into the race on a asphalt climb. I did not even bring spare parts since I thought it is impossible to flat on a course where the biggest bump is almost as much as the change from gravel to asphalt. Thanks so much to my Dariusz MIroslaw to give me a co2 bomb at that point!!! I ended up chasing for almost half hour and just when I made it to the leading group (not to the front of it) the course bottlenecked into a very narrow walking section. Right there it formed a 3 men leading group with Jaro and I was still stuck behind. The train was gone, but that did not matter anyway. My fork lost air, my tire too so I flatted again, changed wheel in tech zone, re-pumped my shock, and just before completing the last lap I lost air again in my rear tire. An other pit stop but a few minutes my shock completely blew and that was it. Luckily close to the hotel, luckily also this race was not too far away from home. I was back at dinner time…. Super well done to my team mate Jaro who showed his big power and won a few seconds ahead of surprising Sascha Weber.

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