Marathon Swiss Championships Moutier, SUI

Date: 02.09.2012

Description: XCM Race

90km, 3300m of climbing
First place, 52sec ahead of Lukas Buchli

It was a very good day racing wise, but not when it came down to the weather!
Friday and Saturday we had non stop poring rain, but the weather forecast predicted dry for race day what ended up to be wrong.
I actually only wanted to race if the weather is good, because XCO Worlds will be only six days later. After I arrived in Moutier on Saturday afternoon I was committed and I went out there in heavy rain and fog for checking out the last 20km of the course. Since it was so foggy I hardly could not see 20m far. That was good eye training because race day was not much different.

From the beginning on I felt super good, although after I got soaking wet my body did not only look like a sponge, it also felt like one! Well, I though the other guys cant feel much better out there too.
I knew the last climb will be the decider and the best to brake away. At that point we were still a group of 7 riders battling for the medals. On a grassy steeper uphill I quickly broke away together with Buchli who seemed to be in very good shape and also likes rough weather conditions. I definitely had to make time into him towards the end of the uphill since I did not know the downhill very well. I had no idea how much was my max time lead after I could drop him half way up that climb. I had to stay very focussed and tried to get my fog radar out…. I branch suddenly tangled up in my rear derailleur and the chain was all over the place. It took me a while to fix it and I had no idea if suddenly Buchli will appear through the thick fog while I was fixing my problem. Luckily I still saved almost a minute to the finish. I was really happy with my win, and the whole weekend payed off!