MTB Challenge Cape Town, RSA

Date: 04.03.2012

Description: Mountain Bike Race

One lap, 67km, 2.20hrs racing time
Second Place behind Kevin Evans

The rain at 5am surprised me like there would be snowfall in the desert, almost! I must admit that I was thinking of going back to bed but then I just had to tell me to toughen up!

Rode my bike in the darkness to the start on over wet Helshooghte Pass. Burry took the car with the team staff. He never trained in the Swiss winter so I can understand.

I was not in the best racing mode at the start, but I could keep up. Luckily we had perfect racing conditions, since early morning rain “killed” the dust. Only at the very end I got dropped by Kevin Evans on a flat’ish sandy track. Burry broke the chain just a little before, but it was single racing and I did not have to wait.

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