My racing calendar

Finally my racing calendar is online.

As you can see I am starting my racing season in South Africa. I am going into the first Cross Country with Marathons in my legs only. Probably not ideal, but the season is not about the first race.

At the moment the Cape-Epic is in my head and my first goal, then qualify for the Olympics. The first four World Cups are our selection races. You have to be once in top eight, then you are in the “pot” and the best two of it will be selected. Nino Schurter already has the ticket.

Very looking forward to this two challenges, and it drives me to train hard and smart almost every day. Almost only, because after a “almost day” I am very motivated to do everything perfect for the days after again!

Since I am back from South Africa the temperatures never been above freezing point. Just heard in the news it is the coldest February since 25 years with a average of -4° Celsius. Backcountry skiing never been any better!