Nationalpark Marathon Scuol, SUI

Date: 31.08.2013

Description: Marathon Race

137km, 4000m of climbing, 5.30h
First Place, 1.09min ahead of Urs Huber

To give you an idea how the level and also equipment changed over the years: I won this race in 2007 in a time of 5.44h. So 14min slower and ahead of the exactly same guys Huber and Buchli, but I won it by 7min ahead of Huber and 11min of Buchli. The conditions and course were more and less the same.

Landscape wise it is one of the most beautiful marathons! We ride around the National Park of Switzerland plus also into Italy/Livigno for a while. After Livigno we have to climb the mayor obstacle of the day, the Chaschauna. A monster of a pass… The neck almost gets sore by looking up to the summit. It thought that pass will do its justice and it did so. Huber and I we broke away of Buchli, Looser and Stoll already at the beginning of this wall.
Riding back again to Scuol is fast with some good rolling and non rolling hills, this year all into head wind.
I wanted really wanted to launch an attack in Lavin, the start of a 10min climb, and not waiting until the last downhill or trying to ride away by just increasing the speed slowly. Luckily the plan worked out and I quickly gained the time in needed to win my second National Park Marathon.

It was a super cool weekend with good friends and perfect weather too. Thanks to every one who made it happen!

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Video by Martin Platter