O-Tour, SUI

Date: 11.09.2011

Description: XCM Race

88km, 3000m of climbing, 3.38h racing time
First place, 21sek ahead of Lukas Buchli

It’s been a while since I have raced the OTour the last time. It was 2004 still in the colors of Siemens-Cannondale.
Since then lots have changed, so also the course. It was a super nice scenic ride, and the morning sun and summer temperatures made it even nicer!

Thomas Stoll attacked early on. Soon I found myself in the chasing group together with Huber and Buchli. After we changed the valley side, Huber dropped back and as Buchli and myself caught up with Stoll his chain snapped right away. What a coincidence… not his swearing!
That long climb was steep and towards the top always the same gradient. At that time the view was only secondary, pedalling was pretty hard!
On a fast, super slippery corner we both went down. Buchli first and while I tried to avoid crashing into him and getting down as well I ended up in a 1 meter ditch. Luckily I only smashed my bar end, so as my butt a little too.
It was not far to the finish any more and the course changed to cross country sections. Up and down, left and right with roots. That’s where I could make the final move and I saved 20sek to the finish line.
Those roots felt like a bed of roses compare the world champ track in Champery!

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