Road riding in Rio de Janeiro

Road riding in Rio de Janeiro is definitely very special! The best place to do so is in the Tijuca National Park. Lots of steep climbs, serious rain forest (you won’t need sun lotion because it is like riding in a forest tunnel) monkeys, big butterflies, only little traffic, incredible views down to the city and beaches. If you go there at the weekends earlier mornings it “rains” cyclists. From super pros to┬árecreational riders to families, basically everybody you can imagine who can pedal a bike is out there in the mountain forest or on the bike paths at the beaches.

The roads are ether super smooth to very rough. The smooth roads just got paved newly also because of the Olympic road race. At the end of the women and men race they will do a super hard circuit in the National Park. It will favor a super climber or a grand tour rider like Nibali, Froome or Contador. The descent down Vista Chinesa to the finish is very steep and the corners impossible to “read” since the forest is so dense.

The links below are three my favorite rides in Tijuca and a flat one along the beaches. Breathtaking views!

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