Roc d Azur Marathon, FRA

Date: 07.10.2011

Description: XCM Race

83km, 3.41hrs
First place, 3min ahead of Thomas Litscher

It was so good to be on my full suspension again! Nothing against my Stumpjumper 29er hardtail, which was more then awesome on my latest Swiss gravel road marathons, but here in France it is rough, very rough! I also rode the Renegade Controls which are a bit heavier then the Sworks but very good puncture protection. Although it still hit Jaroslav today, but he rides incredible low pressure.

Jaro and I we put the pressure down on the first hard climb and we broke away together with Litscher and Milatz. There was a new very steep hiking section mid way, and Jaro showed off a little Gebreselassie in himself. Milatz was really struggling up there and opened a gap. I rode back to Jaro in a super technical downhill and off we went. Although I was by myself pretty soon. In a downhill he punctured his rear tire. I did not even realized it. It was so rocky and the gale force wind made it even crazier at that stage. It blew me off the course two times. When I arrived at the finish the whole expo and team area was closed. We were not even allowed to go to our team truck… that how windy it is here at the moment! Big petty no beach time this afternoon ether…

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