Roc d Azur Marathon, FRA

Date: 12.10.2012

Description: XCM Race

Marathon 82km, 2700m of climbing, 3.23hrs racing time
2nd. place, same time as winner Jaroslav Kulhavy

I did feel pretty recovered from Marathon World Champs and I really wanted to have a mini happy end to my season with doing well at both races. Unfortunately I did not have the time to setup my new Epic full suspension good enough. I mean I did ride it the two days before, but the perfect setup I only feel it during a race. I had really bad back problems and I needed to stop for to readjust my saddle. At that point I was in the lead with Jochen Käss. I rather gave up that breakaway spot then being in pain for the next few hours. After that it was much better and Jaro and I started chasing Käss. He was pretty tired over the last hills so it came down to a Specialized double victory. I gave the win to Jaro since like that I look better then getting sprinted down. Not sure if i would have been faster then Nino at the Olympics!? 🙂

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photos by Michal Cerveny