Roc d’Azur Cross Country Fréjus, FRA

Date: 13.10.2013

Description: Cross Country Race

56km, 1800m of climbing, 2.17h
5th place, 1.30min behind winner Miguel Martinez

I was just not good enough over the first real climb, and I had to let go an approximate 10 men leaders group. Luckily when it got warmer also my diesel engine warmed up, so I stared to catch a few riders and at the end I even sprinted for 4th place together with Genze and Mennen.

The last half hour was crazy, because an other race was send on our course. Hundreds of riders were blocking the single trails and we had to do scary passing. No idea what the organization was thinking?

Roc is always such a great final of the season. It is like holiday racing. The sea is still quite warm right next to the venue, i love my baguettes and fromage blanc and also to hang out with the whole team is awesome.

Now I am traveling to Brazil. A few days of holidays in Rio before the Brazil ride, which I am going to do together with Kohei Yamamoto.

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photos by Michal Cerveny