Roc d’Azur Marathon Fréjus, FRA

Date: 11.10.2013

Description: Marathon Race

83km, 2400m of climbing, 3.43hrs
3rd place in sprint finish against Alban Lakata and Jaro Kulhavy

Unfortunately Roc d’Azur is not really holiday racing any more. The level over the last years raised up into the sky. Today I had to dig deep into the red zone. We averaged 22.5km/h on a track that is very technical with a lot of washed out downhills, slippery, off camber corners, rooted and rocky. Definitely a full suspension course. I raced my Epic World Cup 2014. I cant believe how good this bikes performs. The shorter wheel base and the steeper head tube angle makes this bike riding blade sharp, especially in the corners. I have more pressure on my front wheel which adds more grip, I feel the surface and I corner like with carving skis!

Unfortunately this advantage did not help for the final flat open sections. I was pretty cooked. Jaro managed to open a few seconds through the first time of the beach. I was waiting for Alban. The perfect situation, so I could draft behind him. It took like 5min until Alban caught Jaro with my in his draft. I then attacked right away but Alban covered also that attack. In the final sprint I did not have much energy left any more so as Jaro felt the same. Alban powered away from us with like 300m to the finish.

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Photos by Michal Cerveny