Sea Otter Classic Monterey, USA

Date: 19.04.2013 – 20.04.2013

Description: Festival Racing

Short Track, 20min plus 3 laps,
10th Place, a few seconds behind winner Geoff Kabush

This new course was not cool! Right after the start a hairpin corner then we also had a sand pit, no climbs but many more hairpin corners again. They felt the hardest for me.
After a poor start I never had the chance to move to the front any more. I was limit for the entire time and just hanging on a 12 man leading group which got spread out after every hairpin corner.

Cross Country, 1 lap, 30kms
6th Place, 36 seconds behind winner Miguel Martinez

Cross country races are already short these days but today even shorter! What is the point for a European racer to travel so far for a short track and such a short xco race? Sea Otter used to be so big for us and our sponsors. Four great races with an overall jersey. What a value it was to come here and racing hard in front of a good crowd and whole bike industry. Racing in America is already so poor for us pros, so it does not go into my head not making a good show of good racing too. We could race in front of thousands of bike enthusiasts, the bike industry and many sponsors for three days. Everybody benefits and the value of the whole event will raise!

Anyway we had to get on with it for this year, but I really hope it will change to good again for next year.

Miguel was the surprise of the day with his third comeback into mountain biking. He attacked off the front after a few kms and showed off how it has to be done. After mid race we were a group of five chasers going hard but too much stop and go. Only Lukas Flückiger and myself added some spice especially on the climbs, but they are too short and not steep enough for making a difference. At the end on the windy skyline it was tactical and Lukas and I were the losers, but the race was not on for first place any more… Miguel saved a few seconds for his win to the end!

I am now staying a few more days at the Specialized office for 2014 product testing. Some really exciting equipment will be released mid season. Cant wait for it!