Sea Otter Classic, Monterey/USA

Date: 17.03.2015 – 18.03.2015

Description: Short Track Friday, XCO Saturday

Prior Sea Otter Classic the whole team arrived on Monday in Santa Cruz a surfing town south of San Francisco. We stayed in two big houses close to the beach, trained easy, digged trails, drank incredible coffee at Verve, bbq every evening, no swimming in ocean because a mountain boy does not like cold water and most importantly and the best: I got to know new team mates or caught up with the “old” once. Great group of people!

On Thursday we drove straight to the course, did one lap, back to the new hotel in Monterey and getting into race mode the next day. I haven’t been racing for 4 weeks since I crossed the finish line on the last day of the Cape-Epic, so I was wondering how my body will cope this weekend of short racing?¿

Friday Short Track, 20min plus 3 laps, 14km
8th place, a few seconds off winner Nino Shurter

It was a super fast course (33km/h average speed) with a few hair pin corners. It was so cool to see our new Specialized youngsters racing in the top mix. Good motivation for the old dogs Todd and myself. Todd unfortunately did not get around Nino in the final sprint. I finished a few seconds behind them. Totally we were 5 Specialized riders in top 10!

Saturday Cross Country, 2 laps, 57km
35th place with broken chain, 8.33min off winner Nino Schurter

I was and to some point I am still bummed about my broken chain on the last climb of the first lap. I went to the front and wanted to break down the group in size but all I accomplished was braking off my chain. I did not have a tool or link with me. Thanks to Todd who helped me out with the tool but at the end I walked to the tech zone and got a new chain there. That saved me to get my hands dirty.

Our Specialized kids “killed it” again. Howard second plus Sam and Simon top ten. U23 and Juniors…. Simon (junior) would not even been allowed to race in our category!

Now I stay two days in Morgan Hill at the Specialized office before heading to Prescott for Whiskey 50 one of my favorite races in the calendar!

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