Sea Otter Classic, Monterey/USA

Date: 11.04.2014 – 12.04.2014

Description: Short Track and XCO Race

Friday, Short Track
7laps, 15km, 100m of climbing, 30min, 28.8km/h average speed
3rd place in sprint finish winner Todd Wells

Saturday, Cross Country
2 laps, 57km, 1500m of climbing, 2h, 28.4km/h average speed
1st place a few sec ahead of Finsterwald and Kabush

After coming home from South Africa on Thursday I had not many days at my Swiss home to spend. Soon I ended up going to the airport again. This time over the atlantic ocean to San Francisco, Specialized land! Monterey is the host of the traditional (24th issue) Sea Otter Classic, which is just around the corner of the Specialized office or “the temple of innovation”. So double pressure was on for us Specialized riders!

I took it very easy training wise after the Cape-Epic. More muscle workouts like gym, high rpm intervals, light power workouts, jumping stairs and fun technical riding.

I totally felt recovered on Friday even with 24h of traveling and a 9h time zone change. My heart rate was so high during the short track I could feel my heart almost pumping out of my throat. I rode always in the top five positions and on the second last lap I even broke aways with Ettinger. I tried to light up the sprint with half a lap to go. I ether make it or Todd will have a good lead out. Second scenario took place and we were all happy. My first podium at a short track as long as my brain cells can think backwards.

The Saturday’s Cross Country was super fast. Almost 29km/h average speed. No idea why I did not wear my aero helmet? Sure in that case I would have won easy 🙂 Luckily this year we did two laps again and a new last climb was added too. This definitely was in my favor and I could drop the small group during that section. Felt great to enjoy the victory all the way down to the finish line at the Laguna Seca race track, where every year a moto gp is taking place. Wondering how fast Valentino Rossi and company racing over the same finish line?!

Now I am staying a few das at the Specialized office in Morgan Hill before I travel to Prescott/Arizona for Whiskey50.

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All pictures in curtesy of Dave McElwaine