MTB & BMX day MTB & BMX day was a big success!
I actually got home very proud. Not only because I won the race, much more that the whole event created awareness, sustainability, pride, fun and action! Bringing the Kayamandi township to the people, and seeing our kids and the citizen so proud was the most important! They also got a lot of action to see…. citizen, bmx and pro racing the whole morning! The pro’s race included 50 riders from more then 10 different nations, 2 current world champs (Jaroslav & myself), former world champs (Burry, Lakata, Stoltz) and lot of national ones.

It was quite a lot of work to get the whole event together. First I was not so keen, because it was in between World Cup and Cape-Epic, a very important time in my racing schedule, but our whole Songo team made it happen! Thanks to every one who was involved and came out to support us!

It definitely will be a annual event in our calendar!

Got this from one of your kids:

“My sister and my brother were there and they con’topen their mouth about Christoph, they are proud of you and im very proud of you too guys. You changes my life, to do what my parens couldn’t do because now im not thinking of the empty cupboards or the gangs and violence or the drugs and alcohol that strangle the life of those i love. You have set my dreams free. your are the true role models guys. Thank you!!!

Hope you like the pictures.