South African Cup Pietermaritzburg, RSA

Date: 16.04.2011

Description: Cross Country

I wish I could have raced on the original world cup course of next week but it was raining crazy which turned the course into a mud bath.
Burry and I were sitting the day out at a coffee shop, sure in cycling gear since we wanted to go for a road ride, but after it did not stop I went to bed and had a awesome afternoon nap.
Lene and Jaroslav faced the mud though and raced or ran around the course for almost 2hrs.

A great idea was racing the Lassen road race only 20min by car away on Sunday. I must say we felt a little guilty not doing anything on that Saturday, so we were full of energy. Well it was necessary because we were on our 29er mountain bikes. Burry on the hardtail me on the Epic softtail. We did not expected to be in the front mix… but Burry won the final uphill sprint me 4th!

Todays Garmin stats: 1.45hrs racing time, 68km, 550m of climbing, 39.6km/h average speed