Training, training, training… I want racing! But luckily I am in Stellenbosch! The conditions are perfect as always and it is much more living then “russian style” training camp!
Although sometimes I think I have to toughen up before my hard training sessions, but once I am pedaling I am actually ending up pushing the pedals harder then is suppose to do. It really helps when you meet somebody for the rides, so there is a designated start time. But I always end up in a rush, because there is always something is forget. Sun lotion, heart rate monitor, pumping tires… but I never try to make up a excuse when I arrive 5′ or so minutes too late

I love mixing the normal training routines up here and there, without loosing my focus. For example heading out to Cape Town early and starting the day with a coffee at the beach followed by a ride afterwards, or doing a nice sunset ride later in the day.

Our annual wine tour ride on the 31.12. was more about wine then riding. Like usual! Somehow I always end up super “tired in my head”, and after I am back home again I feel like sleeping over the year change. Who cares? If we would not have watches we would not even feel or recognize that there is a year change… 🙂