Swiss Bike Masters Küblis, SUI

Date: 24.07.2011

Description: Marathon Race

105km, 4’300m of climbing, 5.25hrs racing time
First place, 1.45min ahead of Lukas Buchli

I certainly did not count on riding through snow in July! But actually the snow was not the problem, it was the ice water combined with the long descents that made this race very tough!

Erik an Oliver from South Africa joined me this weekend, and we were a fun team. The dinner in Chur went down very well. Half chicken with french fries and beer. I skipped the french fries though, and ordered rice instead. Just for racing acclimatization. Although some extra fat would have not damaged, but luckily we did not know about the next day’s racing conditions.

When we went to bed the sky looked good, when we woke up it was raining. We still rode the half hour to the start, had our coffee and then headed up the mountain after the start gun took off at 7.30am. Lukas Buchli attacked right away, and I thought it is better to go with him, instead chasing back for ever. I have watched the Tour de France and Andy Schleck’s attack was still in my mind.
Lukas and I we rode the whole time together until I dropped him on one of the last climbs.

To be dressed very well was one of the key factors. I could not believe how well my new Specialized Aqua Veto Jacket was working. I stayed dry and warm in this ultralight fabric. Luckily I took it off for crossing the finish line though, because I would have been fined by the UCI with CHF3000-5000.- not showing the world champ jersey. I did not know this rule and luckily I only got a warning. Now I think I need a see through jacket!

1. Christoph Sauser (Sigriswil) 5:25:25.
2. Lukas Buchli (Samedan) 1:45.
3. Thomas Stoll (Osterfingen) 12:24.
4. Benjamin Sonntag (De) 25:11.
5. Friedrich Dähler (Ettingen) 26:50.

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