Swiss Bike Masters Küblis, SUI

Date: 22.07.2012

Description: XCM Race

105km, 4’400m of climbing, 5.04hrs
First Place, 34sec ahead Lukas Buchli

I was training a lot the last two weeks, and I must admit I was a bit worried not to be rested enough going into the Swiss Bike Masters this year. It is one of the toughest marathon in Switzerland! Especially the cold weather conditions for the last two times were very rough! It was the one with snow last year…

I pretty much knew it will come down to Buchli and myself for the win. He is local and that is always a special boost for him.

I was not comfortable in the first downhills at all, since I was riding my Stumpjumper 130mm travel bike the last two weeks in training, plus I left my race bike (Stumpjumper hardtail) on the hotel balcony during the cold night. The fork more and less “froze” and it did not recover any more for the whole race.

After mid race Buchli and I raced for the win. I was ahead for less then a minute into the last downhill which I took conservative and always looking for my nut pastry, which should have been under my jersey somewhere. I wanted to have some energy for the last asphalt climb toward the very finish. Anyway I could not find it. I bet it felt out of it somewhere.

Buckli caught me towards the bottom of the descent, so the race started from the beginning again, except we almost raced for 5hrs at that stage. I still felt super good and I was more then confident that I can make the difference by launching a attack on bottom of the last short climb. I immediately opened a few seconds and I could extend it to over 30sec to the finish.

It was a great weekend with friends and lots of fun!

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Photos by Martin Platter